RTP Executive

Ryan M. Brough
Director of Business Development

Ryan is a Sacramento native and was fortunate enough to be exposed to many of the cultural events Sacramento has to offer as a child. Art, music and the power of a strong community became a clear passion of his at a young age.  After graduating high school, he set off for the Central Coast to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  There he was studied Urban Planning, Real Estate Development, and Environmental Design.

While attending Cal Poly, he had the opportunity to take on leadership roles with several campus organizations including a financial advisory board and a department student club.  He was given the honor of representing all of the planning universities in California to the American Planning Association and sat as a voting member of their board of directors.

Since returning to Sacramento, he has been working diligently in building networks and community coalitions that promote Sacramento in being a great place to live and play.  As the Events Director, he finds passion in producing great events that all participants enjoy.  Ryan says he lives by the idea that giving back to your community should be fun and Reason to Party exemplifies this to a tee.