RTP Executive

Matthew Kimball
Executive Director

Born and raised in the East Bay, Matthew’s first exposure to charitable giving was when he came into the city with his family to see musicals or go to the symphony—his parents would give him $5 to either buy candy or give to someone in need. It was a poignant lesson and he always gave the full $5 to the first person he saw, begging his parents for more cash at every encounter along the way. A strong sense of volunteerism followed into adulthood, inspired by family, community, and amazing teachers, coaches, and mentors, all of whom imbued him with a strong sense of citizenship in the community. But the striking childhood memories of SF’s poorest residents amidst the backdrop of the city’s immense wealth and beauty always stuck out as deserving special attention, and Reason to Party has provided him an amazing chance to effect a life-long vision of eliminating poverty in the most amazing city in the world.