RTP Executive

Mac Clemmens
Co-Founder, Advisor

Mac joined Reason to Party shortly after its inception and served as Director of Technology and Social Media from 2009-2011 and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2012, helping to direct Reason to Party’s expansion to Sacramento while helping standardize Reason to Party’s business processes to make it a scalable idea that can take root around the world. Today, Mac serves as special advisor to ensure its ongoing growth. 

Mac also serves as the primary point of contact for Reason to Party’s web presence. In addition to working with the chapters to help maintain the website and sending out e-mail blasts, Mac also tinkers with all the technology necessary to make the parties a success, such as getting the Eventbrite iPhone app loaded for check-in, designing the press wall and coordinating the audio and visual teams at the events.

Since Reason to Party relies solely on its website, Facebook and other web services for all operations, carefully selecting and strategically utilizing these services is critical for RTP’s success as a non-profit.

By day, Mac is the CEO of Digital Deployment, Inc. He has designed websites and created web applications for more than 9 years. Educated in computer science, graphic design, and management, Mac understands both the technology and the business aspects of web development. Mac specializes in websites for non-profits by leveraging the web to build measurable and sustainable business value. Mac holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from UC Davis and a B.S. in Telecommunications, Multimedia, and Applied Computing from CSU Monterey Bay.

And yes, Mac uses a Mac. :)