Press release

Sacramento leaders rally in support of friday’s gala
Press swarm as key community organizers tour venue, regroup at Zocalo

Mac Clemmens, Co-founder of Reason to Party Sacramento, called on his friends and fellow leaders to utilize social media to spread the word.More than 40 carefully selected community leaders attended the invitation-only event. The invitations were designed to maximize the "reach" of the organizations by choosing people who have different social circles as calculated by a Facebook friend network graph.

SACRAMENTO, CA — Key community leaders toured the Old Sugar Mill to solidify plans, garner support, and galvanize the Sacramento community to “Embrace the Elements” this Friday.

The team then regrouped in midtown at Zocalo to celebrate and rally support for the gala. More than 40 leaders joined and pledged to reach out to their friends and networks. 

This is our time to teach Sacramento how to party with a purpose. We can send hundreds of kids to learn about nature and science just by choosing to party together. 

—Mac Clemmens, Co-Founder, Reason to Party Sacramento

The San Francisco-based non-profit had its Sacramento premier last fall which sold out completely and raised thousands for Cottage Housing, a housing facility for homeless families transitioning to self-sustainability.

Now, Reason to Party is offering its signature gala-style event and is prepared to rally more than 1,000 partiers—and the entire Sacramento region is taking notice. According to Reason to Party Sacramento Co-Founder Catherine Mattesich, KCRA, Good Day Sacramento, KVIE, Fox 40, and Univision have either covered the gala or are scheduled to cover it this week. “We are pleased with the coverage and are excited to see the great networking and energy that comes out of the community coming together,” said Mattesich.

The novel gala will raise money for Sacramento Splash, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping local children understand and value their natural world, by bringing together emerging leaders to party. According to Ryan Brough, Reason to Party’s Director of Gala Execution and event co-chair, hundreds have purchased tickets and will experience fire dancers, aerial acrobats, and an array of performing artists at the event. 

The meeting was one of three held in the last month to build grassroots interest which have raised $10,000 in ticket sales so far, according to Emily Butler, Executive Director of Sacramento Splash.