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HuffPo: Now San Francisco Truly Has a ‘Reason To Party’
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San Francisco is not a city that needs a formal excuse to let loose and have a good time. A growing local organization, however, is providing the community with a feel-good cause to rally, err, rather party behind.

Reason To Party is a an organization whose goal is to bring together California communities and businesses to raise funds and awareness for various charities, all under the guise of having fun. The organization was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, and has already expanded to Sacramento — with plans for cities like New York and Los Angeles within a year. To date, the organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars for a number of charities, all through the power of parties.

“Reason To Party was founded to create a new movement in philanthropy, where leaders can help the community and have fun while doing it,” says Founder and Executive Director Ari Kalfayan. “Today’s society — especially millennials — still truly care about giving back to the community, they are just looking for a new way of doing it.”

Reason To Party (RTP) combines having fun with philanthropy. These parties aren’t your average rubber chicken dinner fundraisers either. This Saturday, June 16, for example, the organization is partnering with the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) to host an event that hopes to raise tens of thousands of dollars – with all profits going directly to the CCA for cancer research and education. Not a lot of charities can say that about their contributions.

Top sponsors such as Karlsson Vodka and Barefoot Wines will be supplying complimentary beverages, to ensure the partygoers who purchased admission thoroughly enjoy themselves. The event is hosted by celebrity fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo, whose life has been personally effected by the disease.

“We feel partnering with Reason To Party means empowering a younger demographic. Events are the perfect mechanism to speak to people we would otherwise not reach.” says Valvo. “As a colon cancer survivor myself, I am passionate about getting the message out there, creating conversations and helping those in need. Not to mention, I love the concept of raising funds, awareness AND having fun while doing it.”

So there you have it. Now RTP has given us all a way to deal with our Sunday hangovers with a little more ease.